Chun-Li and Cammy are getting into the Real Action Heroes game.
   Yujin's latest Shooting Game Historica (3 SP) features 12 types of ships from Raiden, Star Soldier, In the Hunt, and others. .
Mushihimesama HD X360
   Seven years after porting Mushihimesama on the Japanese Playstation 2, Cave brings the game over to the Xbox 360.


Biohazard HD Remaster Download Edition


Trek back to November 13, 2006 when NCS received
our first shipment of Japanese Playstation 3 consoles and sales were frenzied.
   We recap the launch in Japan and link to a number of videos (some of which are now gone).
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Nov 26  Biohazard HD Remaster Download Ed.
Nov 25  Hozoin Inshun, Musashi Kai Light Arms
Nov 24  Star Wars Rubber Strap, ME3 Shepard
Nov 21  Godzilla iPhone case, Tekken Anna W.
Nov 19  Chain Chronicle Aludra, Gamecube pad
Nov 18  Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai in Osaka
Nov 17  Vita Slim Pink, FF Rubber Straps 2
Nov 14  Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax
Nov 12  Nendoroid Mario, Transformers Crystals
Nov 11  DQ Sound Coaster, KanColle Jacks
Nov 10  PS4 Winning Eleven bundle, MH Coaster
Nov 07  Yoshi no Light, Watanuki Plush
Nov 06
  Majang Windbreaker, KH Wall Scroll
Nov 05  figma Snake, SMB Bottle Cap Hats
Nov 03
  Mother 2 Kizetsu Plate Keychains
Oct 31  Kill la Kill Satsuki, Batman Nendo
Oct 30  Capcom T-Shirt, Catwoman Batpod
Oct 29  FFVIII Advent Children Cloud
Oct 28  Tales of Zestiria Alisha figure
Oct 27  Adventure Time plushies
Oct 24  Fat Chocobo, Irisdina Muv-Luv
Oct 23  Reve Unitia, Hello Kitty Skull